We are deeply committed to four main pillars at our organization: healthcare, education, empowerment, and skill acquisition. We provide quality healthcare services, educational opportunities ranging from early childhood to vocational training, empowerment programs that foster self-confidence and self-reliance, and training that equips individuals with important skills for employment and business. These pillars drive our comprehensive approach to community development and good change.
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Education is Empowerment

If we need to address healthcare, poverty, population control, unemployment, and human rights, and make the girl child more valuable in society then there's no better way to start than providing education to girls in need. Education is not the only empowerment we provide for girls to have a secure future but education is part of it.
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Health Comes First

WHY Health Care?
With a population of 140 Billion in Africa, Health care is important for everyone especially for girls in Africa, because it helps secure their well being and future. With proper health care we can make young african girls live healthy and have a better future. With your support we can help provide health materials across Africa such as sanitary pads, vaccinations and prenatal care.
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Over the past decade, gender equality has been recognised as crucial not only to the health of nations but also to their social and economic development. The promotion of gender equality and ladies empowerment is a key aspect of Midas Heart Foundation  Development Goals. It involves promoting equal rights, opportunities, and access to resources for ladies, enabling them to make independent choices and have control over their lives. Empowered girls can contribute to economic growth, social progress, and sustainable development. They play active roles in decision-making processes, education, healthcare, and leadership positions. Ladies empowerment fosters a more balanced and diverse society, where ladies' voices are heard, their talents are recognised, and their potential is fully realised. It is a vital step towards building a more equitable and harmonious world for all.
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Skill Acquisition

Skilling a girl child in Africa is crucial because it empowers her with knowledge and abilities to thrive in various aspects of life. It enhances her opportunities for education, employment, and financial independence. Skilled girls can contribute to their communities, break gender stereotypes, and become agents of positive change.
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Join us in making a Difference
Together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of underprivileged African girls. Your involvement matters, whether your interest lies in contributing to our education programs, supporting skill acquisition initiatives, or partnering with us to drive positive change. Join the Midas Heart Foundation in creating a better future for the girl child